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In the name of Demacia, I will punish you! by RikkablurhoundI
In the name of Demacia, I will punish you!
Trying to get back on track with photos and what not. 
I've been a good girl and have been doing my editing. that is, until my comp crashed today QwQ I am now a sad munchkin. 
Anyways, this was an old photo taken with Fritz.
Happy with how the photo turned out. Do check out his page, he takes amazing potraits. 
Also, would like to link everyone to my facebook account if you're interested in following my works because Im just not that active on deviantart. >:


Sorceress Lux cosplayed by :iconrikkablurhoundi:
Photo by :iconfritzfusion:
Saikang Warriors: Miiko, Kyandy and Li Qin

Other works: For Ionia! - Frostblade Irelia by RikkablurhoundIShhh Im charging my laser by RikkablurhoundIWelcome to Summoner's rift by RikkablurhoundI
Just Another Day in Ao Haru Ride by RikkablurhoundI
Just Another Day in Ao Haru Ride
Before I release another photo of my Irelia cosplay, I just want to introduce a more casual and relaxed atmosphere into my deviant. :D
Ja-jang.! Ao Haru Ride is truly one of my favourite! shoujo manga for this season.! BEST THING EVA <3 
If you have not read it, please do give this manga a chance. TAKE ALL MY FEELS.

so yeap, here is a shoot of Futaba, Makita and Shuuko <3.
It was supposed to be an omake shoot, but we were so into characters in this photo that I cant help falling in love with it.

Futaba CN Miiko
Shuuko CN Kyandy Tea
Photog :iconjosephlowphotography:
For Ionia! - Frostblade Irelia by RikkablurhoundI
For Ionia! - Frostblade Irelia
This cosplay was actually made for the Garena Cosplay contest Comic Fiesta 2014. 
Featuring-Irelia!!! yay.!

I've always really liked Irelia's artwork and her lore (I have a soft spot for strong female characters). 
Although figure wise im probably not the best person to cosplay Irelia, but I decided to go with it. I've decided to always put the charas I love first :) so yea. Altho I spent around a month's time on this costume. It still took me quite a while because I was literally almost on my costume most time in a day. I thought it would take me faster but I was wrong ;w; time to polish up. Its also my first time working with EL lights and worbla, so it was quite an interesting experience :D but learnt alot and it was alot of fun.! hehehe.! The weapon though was a pain. it was super heavy! i think 8-10 kg ;w; The acrylic sheet was too thick. I failed to take that into consideration. D: So a major big thank you to my saikang who carried it for me. A COSPLAYER IS NOTHING WITHOUT A SAIKANG D:<

I didnt win the contest, but landed 4th place. and got alot of supporting pms and wall posts on my fb <3 i am very touched. Thank you to all of you. the contestants were all amazeballs tho! THEM COSTUMES *A*

Ill update the details of the costume and contest in a subsequent full body photo. :D My cosplay was also featured in cosplay photographers. wheeee. 

Photo by Wei Jiat (alwayshehe) 
ps. such amazing photo! its an event.! one of my favs.! 
Demacia has fallen by RikkablurhoundI
Demacia has fallen
I recently collaborated with a few cosplayers from Malaysia and Singapore. We made a huge LoL team and the outcome was pretty satisfying >///< Before I upload a group photo. I just really want to upload this photo. This is my favourite solo photo from the shoot itself. Im an avid Lux fan and I ship all the OTPs. wheeee. So find me an Ezreal now.! XD I will upload another full body picture were you can get a better view of the costume. But otherwise. I really hope you like this photo. >< 

The armor was done within a week and I apologize that I made a mistake and the boob was made too small so it disnt turn out as nice as I would like it to be. The costume was lent to me by Kikuza Kura, it was a little bit too large but the overall effect was still there <3 Thank you so much.! I am definitely recosing this as the shoot was rather rushed and I felt like my make up wasnt done as well as I could have. But either way, I love this photo, I love the feels and especially loving the Garen sword. Hope you like it ><

Lux CN (and armor made by): :iconrikkablurhoundi:
Garen CN (and sword made by): Jerry from JxR cosworks (
Photo by: Micho Teh Photography (…
Facebook link:……

Other works: Eeeny Miny BURN! by RikkablurhoundIWelcome to Summoner's rift by RikkablurhoundILeague of Legends Lux Sorceress Skin by RikkablurhoundI
Shhh Im charging my laser by RikkablurhoundI
Shhh Im charging my laser
As per usual. I have been inactive. I think I really should do some scheduled posts or something. ><
Im usually mostly inactive when I return to the UK, especially this year because Im focusing on my Masters.
Came back to Malaysia for only just a week and I have already proceed on with a photoshoot. 

Lux is my favorite character and my proudest mid champion all time. I really love love love Lux and am happy to finally be able to do a photoshoot in this costume (the 1st 2 times were jinxed) sobs. We tried out a few concepts to hopefully get the in game feel, this is one of my favorite shots, although can be perfected more. And here's to Lux's ulti, beware of my laser peeps.!

Sorceress Lux cosplayed by :iconrikkablurhoundi:
Photo by :iconfritzfusion:
Saikang Warriors: Miiko, Kyandy and Li Qin

Other works: Eeeny Miny BURN! by RikkablurhoundIWelcome to Summoner's rift by RikkablurhoundILeague of Legends Lux Sorceress Skin by RikkablurhoundI
Im sorry I have been inactive. AGAIN. T_T 
I will upload something today. Side note though: last minute cancellation to London MCM Expo 2013 (Oct). This is actually rather depressing since I was really looking forward to it. ): Then again, I'm broke. In the mean time I will be taking time on the cosplay costume progress instead of rushing it. Hopefully ill be able to do a shoot in UK round winter time this time. My body is ready D:

Wish me luck~! ^w^


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Janice Yap Li Leng
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
A Noobie cosplayer on the run. hehehe. :D
really enjoy stalking about great fotos, wallpapers and artworks. :D
beware! i shall stalk you! :p

I have more cosplay photos available on:

Current Residence: Southampton, United Kingdom
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano



@orange-kitsunee: Thank you!!! >///<
Wed Oct 10, 2012, 6:30 PM
epic cosplayer I SAY C:
Fri Oct 5, 2012, 10:47 AM
@jahmali! Thank you so much!! :D
Sun Sep 30, 2012, 1:55 PM
Your Cosplays are AWESOME!
Fri Sep 28, 2012, 12:29 PM


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